Ingalls House For Sale

UPDATE: The Ingalls House will be listed this week, with a listing price of $1.325 million.

The Prairie Style Ingalls House in River Forest, Illinois will soon be offered for sale. Owned for the last 38 years by an architect, the house has been thoughtfully updated (the house was expanded in 1920 by William Drummond).

When the asking price will be $1.7 million and it will be offered by Pamela Tilton, daughter of the current owners and the listing agent for the Winslow house, another Wright in River Forest.

Building Tall on Chicago's Sandy Soil

(Image courtesy Art Institute of Chicago archives)

(Image courtesy Art Institute of Chicago archives)

Chicago's WBZE and the Chicago Architecture Foundation partnered on an episode and lengthy article, part of the Curious City podcast, about the difficulties of building skyscrapers on Chicago's sandy soil. The city is actually an extraordinarily unlikely location for a tall building revolution (Manhattan is nearly ideal), and architects have been forced to find inventive solutions to keep soaring buildings standing upright.

The Adler & Sullivan masterpiece, the Auditorium Building was an early, though not unblemished, success. Dankmar Adler designed, tested and refined a new foundation system for the massively heavy building (a process that Frank LLoyd Wright had a front-row seat to). Burnham & Root's Monadnock Building, even heavier than the Auditorium Building, required its own engineering achievements.

Wright Society Virtual Summit

The Wright Society is offering a free (read: FREE!) on-line summit on Frank Lloyd Wright's early years:

This event is the first of its kind—an opportunity for 1000+ geographically dispersed Frank Lloyd Wright enthusiasts to gather online and conveniently watch daily expert interviews (for free) over the course of two days with well-known scholars.

Note that "well-known scholars" in this instance is not marketing-goof speak for "people-we-could-get-to-work-for-free" but actual, rock-god-level Frank Lloyd Wright experts: Tim Samuelson, Margo Stipe, Pauline Saliga, Sidney Robinson, John Eifler.

The event runs March 25-26. You'll need to register in advance (for FREE!) and you'll have 24 hours to watch the sessions.

Go here for more information.

If you miss this, I'll be very disappointed in you.

Storer House Links

The sale price for the Storer House was a record $6.8 million. A record for a Wright-designed home.

In 2002, movie producer Joel Silver had difficulty finding a buyer when the house was priced at $3.5 million. He eventually sold it for $2.8 million.

Unsurprisingly, a $6.8 million house has a damn nice website

Wikipedia article.

V.C. Morris Gift Shop

Here's a good article with fantastic photography of the V.C. Morris Gift Shop in San Francisco. Designed at mid-point of Wright's work on New York's Guggenheim Museum, it was something of testing ground for the signature features Wright's high profile east coast project. Though the V.C. Morris Gift Shop is long gone, the building is still used for its original purpose; it's home to Xanadu Gallery, a specialist in Asian art and antiques.