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--Max Eastman, Issue 1, The Masses

(I'm no Max Eastman, but how often can I use that quote?)

The Frank Lloyd Wright Newsblog

Frank Lloyd Wright and his buildings generate a lot of news. There are countless events, internet photo galleries, videos and books. I started this site to serve as a hub so other fans could discover the good stuff and not waste time on the bad stuff.

I’m selective about what’s posted here — not every news story adds anything interesting, not every link is worthwhile, and not every event is blogworthy.

Sometimes I miss things I sho uldn’t and sometimes I get things wrong — when I do, plase do not hesitate to let me know. If we disagree on matters of opinion, feel free to weigh in — yelling, gratuitious arm waving and slightly unhinged rants are welcome. Passion means we care. Civility towards other commentors is required; civility towards me is optional — when I’m wrong, or in your opinion wrong-headed, let me know.

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Douglas Anders

 I’ve been a Wright fan since July 4, 2001 when my wife and I took a spur-of-the-moment tour of Wright’s Home & Studio in Oak Park. Since then, despite adding one child and losing one career, I’ve been to three Wright Pluses, Fallingwater, Taliesin, toured 17 other Wright buildings and driven past another 20-odd; a trip to Buffalo is planned for Summer 2014 and Taliesin West the following year. I’m a self-annointed expert on touring Chicago.

I'm an activist and organizer in Toledo, Ohio, and a director for the Lucas County Auditor's office. Toledo is a city with no Wrights, and only one Prairie Style structure and otherwise damn little decent architecture, though we do have a nice Gehry and a fantastic SANAA addition to our museum.

 I am an alumnus of the American School of Classical Studies in Athens, and have degrees in Classics and history (not very useful). I am opinionated about nearly everything (including the superiority of Minor League Baseball to Major League) but I try not to let that get too annoying.

You'll get used to the political outbursts.