"You Know -- For Kids"

Mason City is raising the next generation of Frankophiles:

Newman Catholic High School art teacher Patty Ohl wanted to make sure her students knew it, too.

Focusing on Wright’s design of Mason City’s Park Inn Hotel, Ohl has been guiding her class through research about Wright — and then challenging them to create paintings of their own homes, inspired by Wright’s techniques.

“I thought our students needed an awareness — when they wondered what was ‘going on uptown’ did they really know who Frank Lloyd Wright was?” Ohl said.

[ … ]

Students studied Wright’s homes located throughout the country, as well as the local Stockman House.

The study proved “eye-opening” for the art students, which included sophomores, juniors and seniors, Ohl said.

“I never knew he had done houses here,” said junior Jessica Balek, 16, adding she was glad the effort to renovate the Park Inn had been undertaken.