Street Food Wins

[Unrelated, but October 21 was the date in 1959 when the Guggenheim Museum opened to the public]

Annoyed by what they consider ugly and distracting hot dog stands in front of the Guggenheim Museum, permission was sought to build a “sleek alternative”.

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission said “no”.

“It detracts from the landmark and causes it to compete with the main building,” Robert B. Tierney, chairman of the commission, said of the proposed kiosk. “All of our standard appropriateness tests are not met here.”

Designed by Andre Kikoski, the kiosk was to be placed beneath the museum’s Fifth Ave. overhang; it was designed to not detract, or distract from the Wright building, described as: “A tear-shaped structure with a double skin of cast resin and stainless steel.”

Preservation groups, including Docomomo and Friends of the Upper East Side Historic Districs opposed the new structures opposed the new structure, with Docomomo claiming it “would violate the integrity of this world-renowned building.”

[Lightly edited to fix stupid mistake]