Cooke House For Sale

The Cook House in Virginia Beach, Virginia is for sale. Even if you cannot afford the $3,750,000 (firm) price, there is an attractive and interesting website for the home that you can enjoy for free. The site includes original Wright drawings, a floor plan and an extensive photo gallery. The House has only been owned by two families, and the Wright-designed furniture will be included in the sale. And yes (as if you had to ask), it does come with room to park both of your yachts.

The Cooke House is also the only Frank Lloyd Wright house in the world located within walking distance of a major center for research on the work of Edgar Cayce, though that’s more of a negative than a positive. And it’s two blocks from the Atlantic Ocean and a really nice looking beach (which would make putting up the the spoon-bending Edgar Cayce nutters bearable).