Minor Hollyhock Restoration

(via Curbed LA)

The Hollyhock House (Aline Barnsdall House) in Los Angeles is getting a $4 million restoration between now and late 2013.

Work will be done on the historic garage, repairs to the foundation and extensive work on the roof to stop persistent leaks. Work will also be done to improve resistance to seismic damage. A tree whose roots are damaging a retaining wall will also be removed.

The house will remain open while work is done.

Not included in current plans is the restoration of Residence A — work that has been estimated to cost nearly $2 million.

Funding for the project comes from the State of California, the National Park Service/Save America’s Treasures and seismic bond funds. The sources of the funds means that the work is not subject to the budget cuts that are affecting the surrounding park.

Los Angeles, unable to fund its existing public art centers, is planing to find partners for the centers, including the Barnsdall Art Park, home to the Hollyhock House. The partners would assume operating costs, while the city would retain ownership.