Darwin Martin Acquires Skylight

The Martin House Restoration Corp. has acquired an original skylight formerly located in Darwin Martin’s office in the house. The acquisition will allow the restorers to replicate the two other sections of the skylight.

“We paid a price that was only slightly above replication value. An item such as this, if it were sold at auction, would gather four or five times replication value,” she said. “It was a very, very generous sales price.”

The skylight section consists of rows and columns of small squares and rectangles that shimmer with iridescent colors. Wright referred to his art glass panels as “light screens,” and they were designed to filter sunlight and create a decorative pattern inside a room.

The other sections will be replicated by Oakbrook-Esser Studios in Oconomowoc, Wisc., which already has been commissioned for window and door reproductions on the house.

The Martin House now owns about half of the original art glass from the house; all of the art glass, including reproductions, will be back in place by Fall of 2011.