And More Coonley

Riverside’s newspaper, the Landmark points out that the two halves of the main residence of the Coonley estate are for sale , an unusual opportunity for a seriously rich Wright fan to unite what has been torn asunder (in this case, separated by a firewall).

The listing price for the Bloomingbank Road residence, beautifully and authentically restored by its present owners, Dean and Ella Mae Eastman - is $2.9 million. The Eastmans also own the Coonley coach house, which was previously for sale but is no longer on the market. The Eastmans restored the once-imperiled coach house beginning in 2006.

The Scottswood Road residence, which would need a good deal of work to match the restoration effort of its companion, according to those who have some knowledge of the residence, is listed for $1.3 million.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for the right buyer,” said Janet Halstead, executive director of the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy, a Chicago-based organization whose mission is “to facilitate the preservation and maintenance of the remaining structures designed by Frank Lloyd Wright,” according to its website.

“The last time all four components were on the market at the same time was 1997,” Halstead said. “There was a potential buyer, but it didn’t materialize. It would take a lot of resources, but it would be spectacular. The [Eastmans’] wing is already spectacular.”

In addition to lots of money, anyone planning to rejoin the halves would ideally have lots of children — the conjoined residences would have eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms.