Celebrating 100 in Spring Green

In 2011 Taliesin will celebrate its 100th anniversary. Taliesin Preservation, Inc. will mark the milestone with six months of special events between May and October.

Appropriately included in the events are a number of concerts and dance performances, many scheduled to appear in the Hillside Theater. Check the website for a full list of events. There are number of events that are of particular interest to Wright fans:

Centennial Exhibit — Taliesin: The Work of a Lifetime (April 28 through October 31)

Taliesin Preservation, Inc. is excited to showcase the history of Taliesin at Hillside’s Dana Gallery. This exhibit features rarely seen photographs of Wright, the Taliesin Fellowship, and Taliesin before 1914, along with video, an exclusive timeline of Taliesin’s vast history, and more. Accessible only through the Hillside, Highlights and Estate tours from the Frank Lloyd Wright Visitor Center.

Architectural Postcard Exhibit (April 28 through May 29)

Designed to interpret Frank Lloyd Wright’s work in the context of world events, this exhibit contains historic postcards of Wright structures as well as a timeline of world events. Included are images of about 66 Wright-designed structures. Individual cards come from the collections of Patrick J. Mahoney, Randolph C. Henning and George Shutack. Several cards reference historical figures including Wright apprentices William Wesley Peters, Edgar Tafel, and Alan Lape Davison; Wright clients Darwin D. Martin and William Martin; and Catherine Wright, the daughter of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The exhibit will be located in the FLLW Visitor Center and will be available for viewing every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Free and open to the public.

Pedro E. Guerrero Photography Exhibit - Wright and Taliesin: A Retrospective (June 4 through September 15)

Pedro E. Guerrero, Wright’s personal photographer and apprentice in the Taliesin Fellowship, will exhibit a series of intimate and rarely seen photographs taken of Wright and Taliesin circa 1940–1953. These limited-edition photographs will be available for purchase, with a percentage of the proceeds going toward the preservation of Taliesin. The exhibit will be located in the FLLW Visitor Center and will be available for viewing every day from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Of course, all great events deserve a great t-shirt and Taliesin Preservation, Inc doesn’t disappoint: they are offering a t-shirt featuring a design based on an original by Eugene Masselink, chosen to emphasize Taliesin’s integration into the landscape (take that, Wright Plus!).
Taliesin T-Shirt