Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation Responds to the Second Life Contretemps

In early December, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation ended a licensing agreement that allowed the Virtual Frank Lloyd Wright Museum to operate in Second Life (I didn’t post about it because, frankly, I didn’t give a damn). There was wailing and a great gnashing of teeth.

One advocate for the Virtual Museum sent an e-mail Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation requesting more information. The Foundation replied, clearly stating their reasons for ending the agreement. There is still room for disagreement with the decision of the Foundation, but their reasons are state clearly and do not seem to be arbitrary.

Note that both sides in the dispute, despite an unbridgeable disagreement, have acted like adults — a rare phenomenon in the on-line world and even, sadly, sometimes in the Frank Lloyd Wright world.

[Editorial Note: I am often accused of being in the tank for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. I am not, but I am reluctant to criticize them here because I don’t have the faintest idea of the difficulties they face in following their mandate. I said I didn’t give a damn about the Second Life story, but I also don’t give a damn about what the Foundation thinks about my website (I’m a seventh generation Congregationalist; cranky-ness undirected annoying-ness and pig-headedness is a religious imperative). so far as I know, the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation doesn’t know the site exists; I’ve never received a C&D letter, so I assume they don’t. I have carefully cultivated an ignorance of trademark law deliberately]