Imperial Hotel Links

TNGuy posted a few links to Hotelchatter posts in Wright’s (now mostly lost) Imperial Hotel in Tokyo. The HotelChatter posts are to commemorate the 120th anniversary of the hotel.

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The Imperial was completed in 1923 and demolished in 1968.

The Imperial Bar is a remnant of the Wright-designed Imperial that is located within the current Imperial Hotel on the original site.

Also in the current hotel is a pillar from the dinning room — though looking a bit forlorn, standing sentinel in the lobby.

The website Old Tokyo offers a view of how the old hotel as it once looked.

The Harvard Graduate School of Design has a great reconstruction of the Imperial on YouTube

Here is a link to an Edgar Tafel lecture on the hotel.

Wright’s Imperial Hotel isn’t entirely gone — a few parts were saved and reconstructed at an open-air museum preserving the architecture of Japan’s Meiji era.