Final Week for Sullivan Exhibit

Lynn Becker posted a reminder that this week is the last week that The Art Institute’s exhibit Looking After Louis sullivan: Photographs, Drawings and Fragments will be open. As Becker writes:

[It is]centered on the photographs of Adler & Sullivan’s architecture that range from striking to stunning. Included is work from Aaron Siskind and the iconic Richard Nickel, but what blew me away was the work of John Szarkowski, which had a way of moving the architecture past the realm of abstraction to capture the intersection of the buildings and the passage of day-to-day life through and around them.

The other Louis Sullivan exhibit, at the Chicago Cultural Center, Louis Sullivan’s Idea is open until May 2, 2011.

By all reports, both are extraordinary, in different ways, and if you can find a way to see both, you should do so.