Locals & Tourists -- Flickr Photos

Flickr user Eric Fischer has superimposed data over maps of major urban areas that shows where photos uploaded to Flickr were taken, and whether they were taken by locals or tourists. The locations of photos were determined by their geotags on Fickr, and the tourist/local determination how often a user took a photograph in that location (locals took photographs in the city for a period longer than a month).

On the Chicago map that is of interest to many Wright fans, Oak Park can easily be picked out — the intersection of Chicago and Forest Avenues stands out and Unity Temple and even the Winslow House in River Forest can be spotted (with some squinting). In Hyde Park, the Robie House is a clear knot of red (tourist) photos in a clot of blue dots (locals), presumably pictures taken by students in a around the University of Chicago.

In Buffalo, the Darwin Martin House has a smaller, but still noticeable footprint of red dots; in Phoenix, Taliesin West is very nearly off the map, but still prominent.

The full set of images includes over 100 urban areas, including London, Hong Kong, Rome and Athens and the local/tourist breakdown is fascinating (though probably useless information for most of us). It definitely worth a few clicks if you are even slightly map-geeky.