Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund

Frank Lloyd Wright fans have an opportunity to a significant and lasting contribution to preserving his legacy: The Fallingwater Window Legacy Fund.

Moisture is infiltrating the multilayered window glass, causing visible clouding and damaging the ultraviolet light filter. The clouding prevents visitors from experiencing the landscape the way Wright intended, and the damaged UV filters place the valuable — more accurately, invaluable — collections at risk.

1,900 square feet of glass must be replaced. PPG, DuPont and TRACO have stepped forward to donate the windows and UV filters, but the process of replacement must be paid for. Removing windows from Fallingwater is a squitch more difficult and expensive than doing so in my 1917 bungalow. Donations both fund the current replacement of windows, and build an endowment for future glass replacement.

Donors at the $500 level and up can choose a specific window endow, and they will receive a piece of the window glass, framed with drawing the Fallingwater specifying the window they’ve chosen.