Coming Home

A nice little piece of good news: one of the original “Tree of Life” art glass windows has been reacquired by the Martin House Restoration Corp. and is destined for reinstallation in the Darwin Martin House in Buffalo, New York. The window had been owned by New York University’s Grey Art Gallery and, though the purchase price was undisclosed, it as apparently bought for less (“far less”, actually) than the market value (Nicely played, NYU!).

The Darwin Martin complex of five buildings originally had 394 pieces of art glass (not just windows, but skylights, glass doors, sconces and lighting fixtures) and now 196 of them are owned by the Martin House Restoration Corp. Of the “Tree of Life” windows, the Martin House owns 33, 13 are known to be held by museums or other collections and 29 are unaccounted for. Any “Tree of Life” windows that cannot be acquired will be reproduced, though that is considered the last option.

Restoration of the Darwin Martin House is expected to be complete in October, 2011.