Since the Money has to go Somewhere…

Here’s an example of creative financing: fines from red-light cameras in Lakeland, Florida will go towards the construction of a Frank Lloyd Wright Tourist and Education Center at Florida Souther College. Much of FSC was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the concentration of Wright-designed buildings is second only to Oak Park, IL. The plan will contribute $500,000 to the visitor’s center, just short of a quarter of the projected costs of the center.

According to FSC’s president, Dr. Anne Kerr, the center was designed, but never built, by Frank Lloyd Wright and its location is precisely where he intended. An image of the proposed building can be seen here. It is hoped that a first-rate visitor’s center can boost tourism in Lakeland, with estimates of $10 million boost to the local economy.

The Wright buildings on campus have undergone restoration in recent years — including the spectacular Water Dome that now operates as Wright intended.