Updates to Recent Posts

Two significant updates to previous posts:

Blair Kagin’s Cityscapes Blog, in a post about the changing leadership at the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust, points to an article about new CEO Celeste Adams in a Grand Rapids newspaper. The article underscores what an extraordinary choice Adams was.

Lynn Becker’s site, ArchitectureChicago Plus reviews the Louis Sullivan exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center (spoiler: it’s fantastic). He was fortunate to find Chicago historian and exhibit curator Tim Samuelson who offered an impromptu tour. We are fortunate that Lynn had his iPod and has posted the video on his site (finding Tim Samuelson hanging out in his own exhibit is like finding a bag of $10,000 bills on a deserted road) — this is the best 5 minutes you’ll find on Youtube. (and I am absolutely stealing Samuelson’s phrase “tug of harmony”)