George Furbeck House For Sale

A Wright house from the 2009 Wright Plus Housewalk, the George Furbeck House, is on the market (Rollin Furbeck's home was on this years walk). The house was built in 1897, before the formal beginning of Wright's Prairie phase. The house uses repeated instances of the octagon, including the living room and twin towers. The interior is largely faithful to Wright's design, though there have been alterations to the exterior (unfortunately, giving the home a squat, chunky look).

[The asking price is $1.1 million]( The home is across the street from the Cheney Mansion (no relation to Mamah Chaney) in the pleasant neighborhood just east of the Hemmingway Museum. The home has five bedrooms, three baths.

(The Cheney Mansion was designed by Charles White, an architect who worked with Frank Lloyd Wright, and the mansion shows some of Wright's influence. The view out the front windows is impressive.)