John Geiger "In the Cause of Architecture"

(Via PrairieMod)

The greatest thing about collecting for a Frank Lloyd Wright website is that nearly every day has its awesome. Never is the awesome more awesome than John Geiger’s site.

John Geiger was an apprentice at Taliesin, beginning in 1947. He supervised the construction of the Zimmerman House and then the Usonian that was part of the “60 Years of Living Architecture” in New York.

His website, to which he is still adding content, covers his time as an apprentice, and selected special topics. So far, he has a great, detailed look that Wright’s Home and Studio, one on Wright’s use of the word “Organic” (essential reading) and desert masonry.

His writing is based on first hand knowledge (his piece “What did Wright mean by ‘Organic’” grew out a remember conversation with the architect at Taliesin), well illustrated and based on decades of experience and reflection on Wright. The site is in its early stages; there will be more.

One thing of note: in the opening of “In Wright’s Hand” on Wright’s design process, he comments on Wright’s story of the creation of Falling Water:

> Some Wright scholars seem to take exception to the idea that that the original Fallingwater sketch was done in the time that it took Kaufmann to drive from Madison to Taliesin. There is no doubt in my mind that this was not only possible, but probable. Personally, I witnessed four occasions on which Wright put pencil to paper and produced an entirely new design, or substantially altered an existing design, in a relatively short period of time varying from a few of minutes to an hour or more. This propensity is important in considering his work.

Franklin Toker questioned the story of Wright quickly designing the house in the few hours before Kaufman arrived at Taliesin. Geiger bases his support of the story on four specific instances from his own time with the Fellowship.

The site is just beginning, but what is there now is invaluable — absolutely add this to your reading list.