Don Draper Would Not Approve

A billboard advertising campaign in Pennsylvania has, understandably, run afoul of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and the family of Frank Zappa with an unauthorized advertising campaign. The link includes a picture of the billboard in question.

The billboards, promoting a Deli meat and cheese producer in Philadelphia, used an image of the company’s signature frankfurter next to the words “Lloyd Wright” and “Zappa”. The tagline “Grill the famous Frank” appeared below.

Unsurprisingly, The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation was not amused.

Dietz & Watson marketing director Steve Riley did not return calls for comment. But Rick Steele, vice president of asset management and development for Adams, said the companies never intended to cause a fuss with the weeks-old campaign.

“No harm was intended with this,” he said. “It was just a way to, in fact, pay tribute to some of these iconic figures.”

While the company routinely checks to ensure it isn’t running afoul of copyright and licensing issues, “We determined it was in such a lighthearted manner we didn’t believe it would create any concern,” Steele said, adding that the billboards would be removed by Monday at the latest.