La Miniatura Still for Sale

Via PrairieMod

The Millard House (La Miniatura)is for sale, and its price has just been lowered by $1 million (now it’s just squitch under $5 million). If you’ve got a multi-million dollar credit limit, the folks at Crosby Doe Associates would be overjoyed to hear from you. When built, the house as wildly over budget at $17,000. The house was recently restored — water, honey bees and a leaning eucalyptus tree have not been kind the structure.

La Miniatura, built in 1923, was the second house Frank Lloyd Wright built for Alice Millard. The first was in Highland Park, Illinois built in 1906. George and Alice Millard moved to California in 1908. After george’s death, Alice asked Wright to build her another house. The result was the first of Wrights textile-block houses.

the home was opened to the public for a tour in 2008 — here is a set of photos on Flickr from that day.