Wright on "What's My Line"

Gapers Block, A Chicago-centered arts, culture and night-life website, in a post on [book club events](http://gapersblock.com/bookclub/2010/08/11/more_loving_frank_resources/) for Nancy Horan's _Loving Frank_, included the following clip from Frank Lloyd Wright's appearance in June of 1956 on the gameshow "What's My Line" as a Mystery Guest. Wright seems bored by the game, but he clearly enjoys the attention of the audience, and near the end, he tosses in a plug for his own recently-completed Price Tower in Barlesville, Oklahoma. (Wright was hardly alone in appearing on the show -- celebrity guests were a regular feature, and [the list is quite long](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/What%27s_My_Line%3F_Mystery_Guests)). The best portion of the clip is near the beginning, when Wright signs his name and initials, in its iconic form, on the show's blackboard.

Gaper's Block also throws in a clip of a conversation between Wright and Carl Sandburg, talking about Thomas Jefferson (Carl Sandburg was also once a guest on "What's My Line").