Harold Price, Sr. House

Daniel Soderberg's blog, [dsoderblog](http://www.dsoderblog.com/) has a post up with [a number of photographs of the Harold Price Sr. house](http://www.dsoderblog.com/?p=654) in Phoenix, Arizona. All the photos, interior and exterior, date from 1972, when the house was less than twenty years old. You can clearly see the uncharacteristic (for Wright) common block used for the wall and the raised roof, an adaptation for the desert climate. When these photographs were taken, the home was owned by the founder of U-haul company.

Harold Price, Sr. is the H.C. Price in the H.C. Price Company, the client for the tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma that is today the [Price Tower Arts Center](http://www.pricetower.org/). His son, Harold Price, Jr. commissioned a Wright home also in Bartlesville.