Slight Flooding at FSC

Sunday night, heavy rains soaked Lakeland, Florida. The campus of Florida Southern College was partially flooded, though the buildings affected, the Melvin Art Gallery and the performing arts building, are not any of the Frank Lloyd Wright buildings on campus.

>Rain from a severe thunderstorm doused the campus Sunday night, flooding the performing arts center. Water flowed down a slope near the building, overwhelming the drainage areas and then seeping into the building.

>The flooding damaged the Melvin Art Gallery, as well as some professors’ offices. On Monday, work crews used fans in an attempt to dry the building out.

>“This has not happened in a long time,” said Terry Dennis, an administrator at the school. “It looks in some places like it went up the wall about a foot and a half.”

The school expects to have the buildings dried out by the start of school on Wednesday.

As an aside, FSC’s website has a beautifully photographed slide show of the Wright buildings on campus.