A Suntop For Sale

(via PrairieMod and they got it from this post on Wright Chat)

One of the Suntop houses in Ardmore, Pennsylvania (in the South East corner of the state) is for sale. Built in 1939, Suntop was a development of 4 houses — an economic downturn ended plans to build a larger number of homes (according to Thomas Heinz, Wright’s original plans included an 18-story apartment tower). The homes, based on ideas from Broadacre City, were a uniquely Wright take on a multi-family development — each home is independent, and though each share walls, every house is carefully situated and designed to maximize interior privacy. This site includes a (very small) image of the floorplans and a number of photos.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Roadtrip has a nice group of photos of one of the homes. Here is an impressive set of interior photos on Flickr.

The home for sale has two bedrooms, two baths in 1628 square feet. The asking price is $490,000.