Turkel House Restoration

(via: PrairieMod)

Hour Detroit published feature on the owners of the Turkel House in Detroit, Michigan. The current owners, Norm Silk and Dale Morgan, bought the house in 2006 and virtually save the house with a $1 million restoration.

The men say they had talked abstractly about moving to a smaller house, maybe something modern. But they liked their Palmer Woods neighborhood. One day, Silk drove by and spotted a for-sale sign. When they decided to buy, people called them crazy. They viewed the move as simply wanting to improve the house so they could enjoy living in a “cool place.” Along the way, it became their legacy.

“We’ve come to look at it like we’re caretakers of some important architectural piece, and it will keep going after we’re done with it,” Silk says.

A gallery of pictures accompanies the article. The photos highlight the extaordinary restoration, but also the feeling of light and space in the two-story Usonian.

The owners credit the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy with putting them in contact with Wright experts to help with the restoration; they will be attending the Conservancy’s annual conference in Cincinnati this September.