Preservation Work at Taliesin

PrairieMod has begun [a new monthly feature]( tracking restoration work at Taliesin. The regular segment is written by Ryan Hewson, graduate of the FLW School of Architecture.

Join us as we work to preserve, restore and rehabilitate the buildings and landscape at the 600 acre Taliesin Estate. In these posts we will provide updates on current and completed projects at Taliesin. We will also seek to explain some of the issues and methods that are used to preserve and restore the spaces at Taliesin. It is not the intention to answer all of the questions, but instead share with the public what we uncover and learn through the preservation process. Preservation at Taliesin provides continual insight into Wright's design methodology and unique thoughts on structure and use of building materials.

The first installment includes photos, both in-progress and completed, of the restoration of Olgivanna's bedroom and some structural work.