For Sale: A Sort of Frank Lloyd Wright House

A house in Santa Fe, The Pottery House, is for sale. It’s a kinda, sorta, if you squint in the sunlight design by Frank Lloyd Wright. But not really.

In 1928, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a house for Lloyd Burlingame; the home was intended for El Paso, Texas. Wright noodled around with the design until 1942. In 1983 Wright’s plans were updated and enlarged by Taliesin Architects. Wright’s design was 2400 sq. feet, TA expanded it to nearly 5,000 sq. ft., added a pool and 3-car garage. The home was completed in 1985.

Asking price is $6,000,000 (further proof, as if you needed it, that someone in Sante Fe doesn’t have a firm grip on reality).

The Pottery House is one of two houses based on the same plan. The second —a different interpretation of Wright’s plans — was built in Phoenix.