The Fine Arts Building

Fine Arts Building.jpgOne Frank Lloyd Wright-related building that few Wright fans visit is the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Originally built for the Studebaker Company (with carriage manufacturing on the upper floors, sales on the first), in 1898 it was extensively renovated and dedicated to providing a home for artists, architects and culture (a purpose which it still serves today). Wright had offices in the building (both before and after his return from Europe in 1910) and he designed the interiors of a bookstore, gallery and art shop in the building. The Caxton Club was located in the building, started by Wright clients Chauncey Williams and George Millard, the club included Wright, Joseph Lyman Silsbee and Daniel Burnham as members.

The building still has its turn-of-the-Twentieth-Century murals and Art Nouveau details.

One of my favorite Chicago photoblogs, Chicago — Architecture & Cityscape has a terrific run of posts on the Fine Arts Building, including great photographs of the murals:

Fine Arts Building - I (Entry, elevator lobby and tenth floor)

Fine Arts Building - II (tenth floor murals)

(The Fine Arts Building is open to the public, and welcomes visitors . The Chicago Architecture Foundation offers a tour of the building each month. The Blog Around Chicago in 85 Tours has a post on the the tour.)