Edgar Tafel, 1912-2011

Sadly, Mark Hertzberg is reporting the passing of Edgar Tafel. He was one of the earliest apprentices at Taliesin, along side William Wesley Peters and John Howe. He worked on Fallingwater, Wingspread and the SC Johnson Administration Building. Despite some tension when Tafel left the Fellowship, Wright is known to have praised him after he left.

Mark also reprints a profile he wrote in 2002.

Edgar Tafel was present the morning that Wright designed Fallingwater as Kaufmann drove to Taliesin. You absolutely must listen to this conversation between Edgar Tafel and Franklin Toker (author of Fallingwater Rising) — Tafel not only demolishes on of Toker’s pet theories (known at the FLW Newsblog HQ as “The Great Toker Takedown”), he also sings the Taliesin fight song (“We love Motzart! We hate Beaux Arts!”).