Taliesin VR Tour

To commemorate Taliesin's centennial, the company Tour de Force 360VR has created [an interactive tour of Wright's Spring Green estate](http://www.tourdeforce360.com/taliesin/).

This is not a sad, little collection of photos on a real estate agent's webpage -- it's an actual tour, with narration provided by a historian of the site (Taliesin is my favorite Wright building, yet I learned something new in first few minutes).

Admittedly, the difference between a computer-based visit to Taliesin and an actual visit is, to steal a phrase, the difference between the lightning and the lightning bug, but this very impressive. It offers views that are never allowed on the tour (like a view in the Blue Loggia, including a close view of The Carpet That Must Never Be Trod Upon) and a good sense of what Wright valued in a space. Even the music is well chosen; Wright loved music and filled his own homes with it, so the soundtrack is gathered from his favorite pieces.

The controls reward some experimentation (I just now discovered how to zoom) and the whole tour is worth dedicating a bit of your time and a lot of your attention.