Toker v. Tafel. Tafel Wins

[Long-time readers will have seen this link before (more than once), but it is, by far, the best thing I've ever unearthed]

The video I linked to earlier this week on Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church reminded me of [this audio of an interview (originally aired on WDUQ, Pittsburg public radio) of legendary Wright apprentice Edgar Tafel]( and Franklin Toker, author of [_Fallingwater Rising_]( In it, Toker advances his theory that Wright had done at least some of the design before hand, that the story that he quickly sketched it out in front of apprentices as Kaufman, Sr. approached Taliesin was mistaken. Tafel quickly slaps Toker's theory down, mocking it. It's a classic.

Even better, if you listen through to the end, Tafel sings the Taliesin fight song. Just great.