Wright's Great-Grandson Returns to Oak Park

Oak Park’s Wednesday Journal has an article on the return of one of Wright’s great-grand children to Oak Park.

Last December I linked to an article on S. Lloyd Natof, Frank Lloyd Wright’s great-grandson (he’s the grandson of Frances Wright) and a furniture designer living in Chicago. He’s recently moved his workshop from Downtown Chicago to Oak Park and will open it early in the new year.

Living in Oak Park, he notes, also plays a strong role in the emotional side of his art.

“The thing about Oak Park is that it has a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright homes in a small space, but perhaps more importantly, it’s a lot of his very early work. There’s a lot of experimentation here. There are no failures, but there are lots of different ideas, things he continued to define and make more concise over the course of his career. As someone who is interested in the built world, it’s very interesting and educational to see his work here. When I walk through his houses, I have sensations that I don’t have anywhere else. It’s very evocative; I feel very touched.”

Natof teaches a class at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.

You can visit Natof’s website here.