Mary Louise Schumacher Reviews MAM's Wright Exhibit

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s art and architecture critic Mary Louise Schumacher has written a review of the exhibit Frank Lloyd Wright: Organic Architecture for the 21st Century . She thinks the exhibit’s theme is somewhat muddled (and she makes a good case) but it is still not to be missed:

It would be a mistake to miss this show. It should offer plenty for those who simply want to know more about Wright’s work, from his modernist masterpiece, Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, or more local projects, such as Wauwatosa’s Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.

The exhibit is centered on drawings from Wright’s studio, many of which have never been exhibited publicly. They are gorgeous, lush objects that have incredible presence, even from across the room. Some span large swaths of wall, a few are even painterly.

Even if the theme is fuzzy around the edges, the stuff is good. Drawings and a plywood model of the “Living City”, original drawings of Wright’s tinkering with Taliesin, models of The Illinois, Jacobs I and the Johnson Wax Administration Building allow examination of Wright’s original work and its extension into the dimensional world.

The article includes photos of some of the more interesting items, so you’ll know what you’ll see, or what you’ll miss.