Shavin House has an article on the Shavin home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a 1950 Usonian. Gerte Shavin, the original owner, still lives in the home:

she has tried to accommodate the various requests she occasionally receives from people interested in Mr. Wright and her home.

“I get calls,” she said. “I do enjoy some of the people who do come. I feel I owe it to Mr. Wright to show it to the people who are interested.

“It has an interest with my living in the house, so I’m glad to show it to people.”

And in contrast to many of the Wright homes that are now museums, Mrs. Shavin encourages visitors to sit down in the living room and get more of a feel for what living in the home is like. After all, that is how she experiences the home.

“It’s made for living, and how to differentiate between a house and a museum is a paradox you have to face,” she said. “It’s a house and a museum.”

Though not mentioned by the article, Gerte Shavin was a Taliesin apprentice when she met her husband Seamour Shavin. The Shavins were convinced to pursue a Wright design after a visit to the Rosenbaum House in Arkansas.