What Can the FLW Foundation Learn from Battlestar Galactica?


Just in case the correct answer isn’t glaringly evident : BSG is a television show; the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is not. NBC is a vast, for-profit enterprise; the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation is not. NBC has dozens of intellectual properties, and BSG is a very small piece of the whole; the foundation is a tiny educational/cultural organization with Wright’s legacy as its only asset. When NBC allows fans free reign to create and play with a Second Life version of The Nightly News with Brian Williams without supervision,then I’ll pay attention.

Note that NBC paid more to air the Biathlon from Vancouver in 2010 than the foundation spent that year (the rights alone cost about $1.1 million per hour).

Anyone who thinks that the Frank Lloyd Wright should take lessons from the same group who put The Batchelor on the air is so stupid, I’m surprised they remember to breathe.