Inland Architect Images On-line

Blair Kamin reported this week that the Ryerson & Burnham Library at the Art Institute of Chicago has added more than 5,000 images from the magazine Inland Architect to its on-line resources. Inland Architect was an important magazine published in Chicago from the late 19th Century and it charted the development of architecture not just in Chicago, but across the midwest.

The complete collection from the Inland Architect can be seen here.

The image collection can be easily browsed, with filters for architects, location and specific collection (for example, here’s the Frank Lloyd Wright search).

Aside from the new addition of the Inland Architect, there is a tremendous amount of fascinating material that has long been available on-line from the libraries of the Art Institute. Here’s a more specific search for Wright’s work in River Forest. Also on-line is the extraordinarily rare Marion Mahony Griffin’s _The Magic of America (read this from Lynn Becker for why this is a big deal) and so is “Without Bounds or Limits: An Online Exhibition of the Plan of Chicago”.

The site rewards aimless poking around (try searching for “Columbian Exhibition”); you could easily loose an entire afternoon on the site.