Wright Concert Series

“The Common Pattern” is a concert series that will be held in the Chicago/Madison area beginning in May. Four of the concerts will be held in a Wright home, while fifth and final concert will be held at Taliesin and includes cocktails and a formal dinner.

The number of seats available is limited, so buy your tickets quickly. Advance reservations are required. More details and purchase information is available here.

Tickets are $95 for the first four concerts, $250 for the final concert and dinner. A large portion of the price is tax deductible.

May 15 — Coonley House (Riverside, IL)
June 12 — Jacobs I House (Madison, WI)
June 26 — Gilmore House (Madison, WI)
August 7 — Jacobs I House (MAdison, WI)
September 4 — Taliesin (Spring Green, WI).

Proceeds support the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture.