Tracy House For Sale

The Tracy House just outside Seattle, Washington is for sale. Asking price is $1,159,000.

The house is a Usonian Automatic, completed in 1956. William and Elizabeth Tracy manufactured by hand the 1,700 blocks that made up the house.

Windows throughout the home let natural light flood in, whole light fixtures are tucked into bookcases, concrete blocks and hidden corners where you barely notice them.

The building is placed at an angle across the property so that with all its glass walls and curtain-free windows, it still offers excellent privacy from neighbors.

Besides glass and concrete, the home is build with redwood plywood, which is especially valuable today.

The native fir trees often welcome eagles and other native birds. It is a tranquil setting that encourages peace and contemplation.

The home’s first and only owners Bill and Elizabeth Tracy were admirers of Wright when they moved to Washington State in the early 1950’s. Bill had studied architecture and Elizabeth had taken art classes at Michigan State College. The Tracys purchased a 100 foot wide, high-bank, west-facing waterfront lot in what is today Normandy Park. They became acquainted with Wright apprentice Milton Stricker, who wrote to Wright about the property, eventually leading Wright to accept the commission.

The Tracy’s encouraged Wright to design the home in the same style as the Los Angeles concrete block homes. Being music fans, they knew the style would create excellent acoustics in their home. After Wright’s preliminary plans arrived, they asked for only very minor modifications.

The contractor on the house, Ray Brandes, owned his own Wright home nearby.

The house have never before been for sale, and will be sold with the original plans, construction photos and correspondence.

Photos and links can be found on the house’s website.