Stanford House Tour

In Stanford, California, the Seventh Annual Historical Society House & Garden Tour will be Sunday, May 1, 1 to 4PM. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Hanna House is one of the tour stops.

From the press release:

This year’s tour features three pre-1930 houses from the San Juan Neighborhood featured in the Society’s Historic Houses series, as well as two 1936 residences that blend house and garden. Architects represented include A.B. and Birge Clark, Charles K. Sumner and Frank Lloyd Wright. The tour takes place on Sunday, May 1, from 1 to 4 p.m.
Two of the houses were designed with elegant detailing by Charles K. Sumner: one a 1926 Tudor period-style castle with a storybook stone entrance tower, and the other an updated 1936 early modern stucco house with a white-flowered formal garden. A third house is a classic 1921 Craftsman-style California bungalow. Back from earlier tours by popular demand are a 1921 Spanish eclectic period-style house designed by art professor A. B. Clark but likely with input from his son, Birge, who was just beginning his architectural practice; and the 1936 Hanna House, acclaimed as one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most original and important works, newly refurbished since last year’s tour.

The Hanna House is an unusual Usonian (more than 4,000 sq. feet),built on two levels and based on a hexagonal grid, thus its name, “the Honeycomb House”. The house was damaged in the 1989 earthquake, but has been repaired and restored.

More information is available here and a flyer and registration form here.