Expect a Great Day

OakPark.com has an article, “Festive Day in Store for Wright Plus Housewalk Attendees” on the big day in May. Every year’s Wright Plus has its own character, but this one sounds like it may be one of the great ones:

“Our tour is interesting this year in one respect because participants will get to see a group of houses built roughly within 15 years of each other, and the homes reflect a wide variety of architectural styles. It was a time in Oak Park history when building was booming, and people of means were constructing homes of such wonderful but very different architectural styles.”

Two of Wright’s iconic homes, the Peter A. Beachy and Arthur B. Heurtley, will be featured on this year’s walk as well as three E.E. Roberts’s homes. Every year, Wright Plus focuses on different homes, and rotates between four geographical areas within Oak Park and River Forest. This year, one draw to the housewalk is the proximity of all the homes to each other, making this a truly walk-able house tour.

Donley says the closeness of the homes will add to the community atmosphere of the event.

“This year, all of our houses are on Forest Avenue and Kenilworth Avenue, so it’s an all-walking tour. When that happens, it’s always a particularly festive day,” she says. “This year, the village has given us permission to close the street to car traffic, so for visitors and the community, it should be a fun day.”

The people you’ll meet are one great features of the day. standing in line isn’t as much fun as touring a Wright house, but it is surprisingly close. Since the houses this year are all within a few blocks of each other, even the walk between houses will be part of the fun.

Wright Plus has sold out, good news for the finances of the Preservation Trust, bad news for procrastinators, so if you have tickets, you are one of the fortunate 3,000.