Thaxton House Still For Sale

It’s been on sale since late 2010, Curbed made the Thaxton House, in Houston, Texas its House of the Day. Asking price is $3,290,000.

The house was threatened with demolition in 1991, but the current owner bought it and expanded it — the modest Usonian, once 1,800 sq. feet is now more than 10,000 sq. feet. The original core was restored, and the expansion was built as an attachment. (Still, I think, pushing it over the Wright/Not Wright line)

In 1991, when its future was in doubt, The New York Times had a story on the home.

The Houston Chronicle updates the story to 2011. The article is worth reading, both for the history, and as evidence that the damn state should never have been admitted into the Union in the first place:

The addition, designed by Bob Inaba of the Kirksey-Meyers firm, turns the L-shaped house into a U. The big, bright, Wright-ish wing is built to emphasize inhabitants’ view of the pool and the house. One Wright fan I know grumbled that it’s “an abomination,” but then, Wright fans tend to be purists; like Wright, they hate any deviation whatsoever from the master’s work.
I think of the new wing as a necessary accommodation, along the lines of the air-conditioning ducts in the floor. It doesn’t stir the soul like the original, but it’s easier to imagine eating dinner there or watching TV.

I’m not even sure that Wright himself would hate it. If nothing else, the addition frees the restored Thaxton House to function more purely as a work of art, to be gazed upon like a sculpture - free at last of all those niggling demands that human beings dare to make on an actual house.

Free-range stupidity. The addition is “necessary accomodation”? Are the new owners hill giants? “I’m not even sure that Wright himself would hate it.” Really? I’m sure. I think come the zombie apocalypse, the architect of the addition best beware the animated corpse of Mr. Wright coming to pummel him with a stick.