A Batchof Wright Houses For Sale

May flowers aren’t the only things springing up in the yards of Wright houses — “For Sale” signs are making an appearance too.

In Monona, Iowa the Meier House is on the market for $129,000. An American System-Built house, it was constructed without any input from Wright. The listing site has a collection of interior photos.

Also for sale is the McCartney House in Kalamazoo, a 1949 Usonian. Asking price is $250,000. The home is in a subdivision with three other Wright houses, in a setting largely unchanged since the houses were built. The house is sold with original plans, the casts for the bricks, and four Wright-designed tables.

Also for sale is the Millard House (via Wright Chat; I can’t find an on-line listing). Actually, the other Millard House, the one is Highland Park, Illinois. Hell, buy the one in Pasadena, and you’ll own the set.

This house isn’t a Wright, though at least one website thinks it is. You can see a Wright house from the front porch (the Thomas House). Or, if your friends are gullible, just ell them it’s a Wright, and point the website as your proof — get the Wright street cred, without all of the pesky low-slung roofs and roman brick.