Fallingwater in Modernism magazine

The Spring issue of Modernism has an article on the Kaufmanns and Fallingwater. A portion of the article appears on the website, but you’ll need to find the print version for the full thing.

Part of Fallingwater’s 75th anniversary celebration, the Kaufmann family and the role of their department store in the cultural life of their hometown is featured in an exhibit at Fallingwater this summer, “Kaufmann’s: Pittsburgh Purveyor of Culture”, June 24 through August 28:

At the center of Pittsburgh’s consumer culture was Kaufmann’s department store, located at Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street. The store’s eleven floors of merchandise made it a hub of commercial activity. However, it was also an institution that fostered public education, where Pittsburghers could attend free exhibitions or lectures on a myriad of contemporary topics. In its heyday during the first half of the twentieth century, Kaufmann’s established itself as a commercial, social and cultural center. The store became a powerful urban presence and a conduit to the world of goods and experiences beyond its walls and the borders of Pittsburgh.

This exhibition celebrates the history of Kaufmann’s and the family behind its enterprising management.