UPDATE:President Obama ate lunch at our neighborhood hot dog joint, Gabe’s favorite, (the kind with the stuffed deer heads on the wall). That dude is so cool.

Watch the news tonight. That auto factory that President Obama will appear in: I did the research on when DaimlerChrysler bought it and then when they expanded it. It’s a rare chance to see my professional expertise on national TV.

It’s also just a few miles from my house, just in case you are a truly obsessive Frank Lloyd Wright Newsblog fan.

I’m hoping to get stuck in the pre- or post-Presidential motorcade traffic snarl. If so, I’ll have been idled in traffic by every sitting President since 1988 (regardless of how you feel about his policies, no one could grid-lock traffic like the first President Bush — I missed a flight from Athens to Thessaloniki thanks to his visit to Greece in 1991, though he had help from colossally incompetent Greek bureaucrats)