Every Once in a While, the Center Does Hold, and Things Do Not Fall Apart

It was announced today that a number of significant items from the Frank Lloyd Wright archives will lent to SC Johnson, and they will go on display in Spring 2012.

For details, see Mark’s story on Wright in Racine, including photos of many of the best items.

The archives, held at Taliesin West, are not open to the public, so this agreement will allow a number of important items to be on display — and displayed in proximity to two important Wright buildings. In essence, SC Johnson is giving us a free, permanent, world-class Frank Lloyd Wright museum exhibition in a place we’d want to visit anyway.

And it gets better; the loan isn’t just a random collection of Wright memorabilia: there’s a theme. From the press release:

The collection will provide opportunities for people to learn about the principle ideas embodied in Wright’s work and increase awareness of the impact of his architecture and design on families and the home.

Rather than simply reflecting one period of Wright’s work, the collection will explore Wright’s influence on the home throughout his career. It will include artifacts from Wright’s earliest exploration of the natural house in the early 1900s through his American System pre-cut housing venture of 1917 to his reinvention of the American home in 1940. The collection will also feature artifacts from the mid-1950s, when his work reached legendary scale.

This is an early step in what SC Johnson hopes will be broad-ranging effort to promote Wright’s legacy in Wisconsin and boost Wright tourism in Racine itself (again, see Mark’s piece for more details).

Also of note: SC Johnson will be taking responsibility for conserving the loaned items as necessary. This is a boon for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, since they can now focus their finite resources on the remaining items in the archives.