Continuing Progress at Graycliff

Graycliff, the Martin family summer home on Lake Erie, can now be added to the list of Frank Lloyd Wright sites that are getting dramatic improvements in 2011. A recent press release listed the current state of the restoration, and future plans.

Exterior restorations of all three Wright-designed buildings — the Isabelle Martin House, the Foster House and the Heat Hut — at Graycliff have been completed. Restoration of the first interior space, the Family Sun Room, is beginning. This restoration will consist of restoration of the stucco floor and ceiling and the lighting fixtures and the installation of a rubber floor that matches the 1928 original. A restoration of eight acres of the estate’s historic landscape is also beginning.

Buffalo is the site for the October, 2011 annual conference of the Nation Trust for Historic Preservation, giving national exposure to recently completed projects at both the Darwin Martin House and Graycliff.