Auldbrass Plantation Tour

151949prTwo days every two years, there is an opportunity to visit what may be Wright’s most unusual completed project. Auldbrass Plantation is Frank Lloyd Wright’s version of a Southern Plantation. This year the opportunity will be November 5 and 6. Tickets are $85, a picnic lunch is an additional $15. The evening of November 5, Eric Lloyd Wright will be speaking at nearby University of South Carolina Beufort. Tickets for the lecture are $50.

Wright worked on Aulbrass for most of the last two decades of151954pr his life, producing a number of buildings for the site, including stables, kennel, granary, cattle barn, guesthouses (nine were planned, two were completed) and aviary. By the mid-1980s, when the buildings had nearly collapsed from neglect, movie producer Joel Silver, at the time, owner of Wright’s Storrer House, bought the property. Working with Eric Lloyd Wright, Silver began to restore it, a project that has cost significanly more than $10 million and still continues. (The herd of zebras and the pygmy hippo are non-Wrightian additions.)

As always, Peter Beers has a great collection of photos from his visit, and this 2003 article from The New York Times details the restoration.