Life at Taliesin

Saturday, August 27, Taliesin is presenting a series of lectures, “Life at Taliesin”, part of the Taliesin Centennial celebration. The day will end with afternoon tea with Taliesin Fellows.

A series of lectures and workshops will be led by people who have lived, studied, and worked at Taliesin - many of whom directly shared fellowship life with Mr. Wright and his family. The event will provide an “up and personal” look at life at Taliesin. Onsite attendance is limited to 100 guests; however, the lecture presentations will be webcast on Monday, August 29! Proceeds from this event will support restoration activities needed to preserve Taliesin’s Hillside Theatre Complex, a National Historic Landmark, for future generations.

The event will be webcast on Monday, August 29. More information, and the full schedule is here.

Registration for the event at Taliesin is required — call (877)-588-7900 ext.1. The price is $250. The webcast also requires advanced registration, which can be done here. The price for the webcast is $85.