Restoration of the Alvin Miller House

The Alvin Miller House in Charles City, Iowa was damaged by the 2008 flooding of the Cedar River. The Usonian designed in 1946 had three feet of water inside at the height of flooding.

The house was purchased by fans of Wright this spring, and they have begun an extensive restoration, expected to take about a year. Young Construction of Charles City has been hired as the contractor for the restoration — the same contractor who built an addition to the home that had been designed by Wright, but never built. Young is again working from Wright’s original plans for the house.

Thought the Cedar River flood was severe, and early report exaggerated the damage, the house was fortunate. Due to the foresight of the owner, interior doors were removed before the flood and placed in storage. Wright used cypress inside the house, which is resistant to water damage, and the foundation is sound.